I'm Mariana,
and I'm 35 years young!

Discover the scientific explanation of why you’ve been losing the Battle to lose weight and it has nothing to do with your willpower. Why, you will never be able to win this Battle unless you change your Strategy and Why our grandparents had better odds to win this war.

I’d like to share my short story that I know will resonate with you…

I was overweight:

And as many have done, I have:

  • Consulted Nutriologist; have followed almost all diets available in the market and with nothing to show for it other than frustration
  • Lost few pounds at the beginning of the diets but then recovered some more! The yo-yo effect!
  • Avoided all my favorite foods
  • Used diet pills with no- good results and the secondary effects seemed like horror histories
  • Spent my hard earned money on exercise equipment that are now being used to hang my clothes because they did not work for me
  • Felt perpetually in starvation
  • Felt the misery of attending social events, what clothes can I fit into?
  • Been desperate to lose my excess weight now!

What changed my life was getting access to the information I'm about to share with you.

Hi, my name is Mariana and I am going to explain something to you that is very important to your Health. And I am not going to blame you for your actual weight issues, on the contrary, I am going to put in front of your eyes the real culprit of Obesity.

What you are about to learn is all New Scientific Knowledge, but unfortunately it is still not known by many Doctors, which tend to go with what they learn at Medical School and don't have time to study recent scientific research especially if this challenges their dogma.

It’s not a Question of Personal Responsibility. It’s not your fault!

We have felt like it's our individuals responsibility to keep our energy balance, to eat the right amount and stay the right weight but when something goes wrong, like the majority of the population becoming overweight, we have to question that model and we have to look at the forces outside of ourselves. There are huge societal environmental forces that are shaping our obesity.

The reason we're in this situation can be summed up with one statement, one idea that has become so pervasive, that has become sacrosanct that it has become Dogma and that statement is:

“The dogma: A calorie is a calorie”.“You eat too much and Exercise too little.”

A calorie is a calorie, it's the first thing dietitians learn in dietary school: “if you eat more than you burn you will gain weight”, “if you eat less than you burn you will lose weight” and “it doesn't matter if those calories come from carrots or cheesecake the bottom line is a calorie is a calorie”.

“You eat too much, you exercise too little”, and that's the mantra and guess what?

It doesn't work! And the reason it doesn't work is because a calorie is not a calorie: The only Dogma is: there is none.

What has happened in the last 50 years?

We have created a toxic environment now, Kelly Brownell at Yale University first coined the term the toxic environment in 2004 in his book “ Food Fight”. Food designed to taste really good to keep us eating.This is about something that we are exposed to, and that is going on worldwide, that has changed in 50 years and there's only one thing that does, and it's sugar.

“Eat less and exercise more”

The one thing that we know categorically that can mitigate obesity is reduction in calories and of course that's why your doctor says “eat less exercise more”.

It’s easy for the not-fat people to advise us “eat less, exercise more”, the problem is:

It can't be done!

It’s not doable and there are reasons: There are biochemical reasons why it's not doable, that have to do with new hormones that have just been discovered, for instance one called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that goes from your fat cell to your brain and tells your brain you've had enough and that you can burn energy at a normal rate and feel good about it. It limits what you eat and it lets you exercise spontaneously because you want to. If you are Obese, you have high levels of leptin because you have lots of fat. Leptin comes from Fat Cells. But if leptin were doing its job, then you wouldn't be obese so how do you explain high levels of leptin and still eating too much? Clearly the leptin is not doing its job.

Biochemical Drive vs Willpower? The Odds are 50 to 1 to Biochemical Drive.

There is not willpower that can win against a Brain Biochemical drive occurring, every minute of every hour of every day, no way, but I guess You now have started to connect the dots and understand Why all the restrictive diets and extenuating fitness programs failed you. Yes, they failed You , not the other way around as you blame yourself at that time! How come leptin used to work 50 years ago and doesn't work today?.

Recent research has demonstrated some very specific significant findings that can be sum it up in one word: insulin, Excess of it blocks leptin at the brain level

Insulin makes fat, period. More insulin, more fat, period.

Insulin function is to convert sugar into energy and the way it does it is converting it to Fat in our fat cells, the more insulin we have in our body, the more sugar we convert to FAT.

So if your body needs 2000 calories a day , your brain will motivate you to eat 2000 calories a day but because your Insulin level is very high due to the high amount of sugar you eat on your 2000 calories, that excess insulin will send 500 of those 2000 calories to be stored as FAT, so only 1500 calories were used as energy and the body feel like starving for those 500 calories lacking for the 2000 it needs and now you have 1/7 of a pound more of Fat in your waist line ( 1 Pound= 3500 calories).

Things that make you want to burn energy, things that increase your energy expenditure make you feel good, like exercise and caffeine. Things that reduce your energy expenditure make you feel lousy: hypothyroidism and starvation so how many calories you burn and how good you feel are the same.

When you are in starvation, how do you feel?

Crappy, tired, want to sit on the couch, don't want to do anything don't want to exercise maybe watch TV or play video games, sound familiar? And of course, hungry and in a world of free access to food which we all live in, sooner or later we will eat more, plenty more with the consequences that we now know, getting Fatter and blaming ourselves.

These are the Biochemical reason why you can't lose weight if you continue to use your actual strategy.

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I really hope it has the same impact on you as it did on me. Because the information you're about to learn has literally saved my life.

– Mariana